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Word on the Street

When it comes to describing our Horse Riding School or our business standards, hear it from our students. Take a look at their feedback below and learn all there is to know about learning at Sea Star Stable.

"It was a beautiful Fall day and as I turned my car into the driveway at Sea Star Stable and slowly drove to the parking area I felt hopeful. I was an older rider and I was looking for a different kind of instruction. I had been to many instructors but never felt satisfied with how my knowledge and riding abilities were progressing. And so I began to attend all kinds of clinics,I read books, countless articles and took numerous lessons from various instructors. I knew I wanted to learn how to ride a horse the correct way. Up to this point I hadn't been successful in finding an instructor who could teach me. I knew someone was out there and I was determined to find that someone. Halfway through my first lesson with Kara I knew I had found that someone. I was on the lunge line and she began to discuss my need for correct body position and how this influences the movement of the horse. The entire lesson was delivered in a calm and patient manner--there was this kind of freedom, there was no pressure. I could ask questions and she answered them. It all turned out to be so simple. I look forward to my lessons and love coming to this barn where the people are friendly, the horses are willing mounts and I have found a purpose for my riding. Here I will be able to formulate riding goals and develop myself because not only does Kara ride well but most of all she is a teacher."

"After a long summer of difficulties with my horse and many bruises from being thrown, I called Kara and talked to her about my problems. Not only could I not ride in the winter due to my terrain, I had lost some of my confidence. I am not a kid anymore and hitting the ground hurts! I spent the last 25 years hacking through the woods and had lost the small amount of training I had learned 30 years earlier. My new ride was a challenge and I had failed. From the minute I met Kara I knew she was the one who would guide me back to riding correctly even if it was just trail riding I wanted to do. She has given me the direction I need and is always my best fan as I struggle to recall where my legs should be, my hand position, and keeping my head up! I call it my therapy because no other can give me the wonderful feeling I have when I head out after my lesson. I also give Jae, that wonderful horse, a huge amount of credit for putting up with me in the beginning when I was once again "green" and is now, I hope, as happy to see me as I am to see him each week. He has been wonderful! I have learned so much from Kara about softness and riding with your horse as one. I only wish I had met her sooner. Sea Star Stable is not only a wonderful place to ride and learn, it is good for the soul!"

"Kara is wonderful; there is no other adjective to describe her.  She’s completely dedicated to the people and horses here at SSS!  I feel as though I make a breakthrough every lesson.  She teaches with the perfect balance of encouragement and constructive criticism.  I’ve never dismounted without a smile here, and I owe that to Kara!"

"The first thing you'll notice at Sea Star is the non-threatening atmosphere. Whether you're a boarder or taking lesson, everyone enjoys being there. The second thing you'll notice is that your horse is looked after and treated like one of Kara's own. When you board at Sea Star, Kara and her husband are able to keep an eye on things because the barns and turnouts are literally right outside their back door. Your horse is well taken care of--fed, medicated (if needed) and blanketed--as if they were in your own back yard. Your lessons with Kara are that particular too. Whether you're a brand new rider or a seasoned veteran Kara makes lessons fun and a positive learning experience. She has an infinite amount of patience, an endless supply of encouragement and, being a competitor and student herself, years of experience to help you reach you’re riding goals".

"Kara is an awesome trainer...The first time I saw her in action,  she was the examiner for my son's first pony club rating. I was impressed with how she put everyone at ease which made it easier for the participants to succeed. I knew at that moment that if I were ever to return to riding, she would be the trainer I would want to start with. She is a wealth of knowledge; is patient and understands that teaching adult riders is very different than teaching young children. She builds on successes, knowing when to coach/encourage and when to push beyond one's comfort zone in a very supportive manner. I particularly love that she is calm and not a "screamer". Mistakes are learning opportunities. In my time with her, I have achieved a level of independent riding that I didn't think I could achieve mainly because my horse's talent far exceed mine. While I still have a ways to go, I am excited & look forward to my lessons...even in the deep freeze of NH winters.   Sea Star Stable is a wonderful small barn with great amenities and great people...Kara and Ryan do a fantastic job keeping up with the demands of a barn and always do so with a positive attitude which is contagious."

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